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Wirehaired Dachshunds kennel from "z Czahary FCI"

We have been operating since 1994. We have caught up with many champions - Polish and not only. Our dogs are exhibited almost all over Europe, and most of all they live among people who love them.
"Anyone who has had a taste for a dachshund is forever addicted to this intense presence"
A. Tuszyńska


Our Dogs


Sfora znad Potoku FCI

  • rabbit
  • br.31.10.2019r.
  • Polish Junior Champion
  • Junior Club Winner '20
  • Polish Top Dog 2020 -
  • Best of Breed 2021 Lodz


z Czahary FCI

  • rabbit
  • br. 21.06.2017r.
  • Polish Junior Champion
  • Polish Champion
  • Best of Breed in Ranking
  • At the exhibition
  • ZKwP in Łódź'18'19


z Czahary FCI

  • rabbit
  • br. 19.06.2010r.
  • Polish Junior Champion
  • Polish Champion


Sfora Nemroda FCI

  • rabbit
  • br. 28.10.2019r.
  • Stud dog

"Rainbow Bridge"

Dogs that are no longer with us, but will remain in our hearts forever.


Black and tan color - rabbit 5/06/2013. - 05/05/2019


z Czahary FCI

To Ye Ta

Color wilds - miniature 13/02/2005. - 23/10/2019

To Ye Ta



2006 – 2016
Color wilds - miniature


Wojciechowe Knieje


1992 – 2005
Wild color - standard


z Lućmierskiego Boru


1980 – 1993
Wild color - standard


" "



  The first wirehaired dachshund appeared in our family over 40 years ago. And it is quite coincidental.
It was 1980. We went to one of the towns near Łódź to buy a dog. The announcement in the press read: "Dachshunds for sale." A fenced house stood in the wilderness. The gate was opened by a forester, and behind him was a ginger bitch with a very strange appearance. It resembled a dachshund but ... that hair of hers. There was a puppy hanging from his nipple, which he did not want to give up on a meal. This small ball (or rather a roller) was Iga - the first wirehaired dachshund in our home. Iga did not have a pedigree, although her parents were thoroughbred, purebred dachshunds. Their owners were hunters and the papers and the characteristics of the dog were not important to them. Iga also had a great hunting instinct and, unheard of among dachshunds, she was even able to dive.
The annual visits to the International Dog Shows in Łódź have started and Iga was compared with the pedigree representatives of this breed.
And so in 1992 little Lika from Lućmierski Bor appeared at the house. Again a dog from the wilderness, but this time with full documentation.
Then the breeding of "z Czahary" began.
It soon turned out that this is the passion of the whole family and that living with the dog herd is a great challenge and an interesting adventure. Years later, it was possible to reconcile passion with professional work. I graduated from the Veterinary College, became a veterinary technician, groomer, or a dog hairdresser, and then I took up therapeutic massage of animals. This is how my "life has gone completely to dogs."
Lika was a multiple medalist, and her children reached for the highest laurels, championships and show victories, eg Jaga z Czahara.
Iga left us at the age of 13, and Lika was a faithful friend and companion until 2005, when at the age of 14 she left for "dog paradise".
The decision was made that a miniature wirehaired dachshund would appear in the house this time due to a very "mobile lifestyle". The search began, and those terrible two weeks at home without a dog. Then a trip to Sopot for the dream dachshund with the strange name TO YE TA Anix. In Kashubian it means: "this is the only one". After a year, so that Toyce would not be sad, Parys Wojciechowe Knieje appeared from the Brzdąców line from Poznań. And so began the adventure with "little ones".
May 26, 2008
Another new family member has arrived in our house. Charmed with a little black dachshund, we decided to enlarge the family circle. INKA z Przystania Wodniacka came to live with us. And this is how, as my vet friend said, we became the owners of the herd.
June 19, 2010
Our Inka gave birth to three wonderful puppies - a black and tan boy and two girls - a rude and her dream chocolate and tan. Moments after birth, it was known that the family would grow again. The small "chocolate" was named BRANDY and it is the first dachshund that remained in our kennel with the native nickname "z Czahary".
5 June 2013
The long awaited first children of chocolate BRANDA were born in our kennel. Willing to pursue our breeding plans further, enchanted by the beauty and character of little KOMA, we decided to enlarge our herd with another pooch.
June 21, 2017
KOMA became a mother for the first time. Five puppies were born. Among them there is a small creature that has captured our hearts - TIGA. Sunia, whose name says everything about her character - youth, element, freedom and adventure. Her name is a lot of memories of our years with dachshunds, and the history of breeding miniatures and rabbits has come full circle after many years. It started with the letter T.
A little earlier than the story of Christmas Eve, a comet appeared in our house - COMET Sfora znad Potoku. Sunia, who was supposed to be the "cure for all evil" and the fulfillment of my big dream after KOMA's death. Great-granddaughter of our BRANDA and great-great-granddaughter of INKA - like "new blood" in breeding, but still ours. A girl with a great character and exterior, growing up in a difficult time of the pandemic for all of us. It met my expectations and dreams one hundred percent.
Almost at the same time, HEL Sfora Nemroda - a rabbit wirehaired dachshund - appeared in the house of my adult daughter. A dog who made her fall in love with him with his first glance and thus proved that addiction to dachshunds is inherited in genes.

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  • KOMETA - Sfora znad Potoku
    POLISH TOP DOG 2020 number one - dachshund wirehaired rabbit.

    I am proud of our little girl. In her body flows the blood of four generations of dachshunds "z Czahary FCI"

  • KOMETA - Sfora znad Potoku
    XXXI Dachshund Club Show Wawrzkowizna 19.09.2020

  • Tiga z Czahary
    Polisch Champion title obtained 09.07.2019r.

    1st place in breed in the show ranking of 2018.

    junior class judge Jan Busta ( CZ) - Junior Club Winner ( Youth Club Winner) - Najlepszy Junior ( Best Junior) - Zwycięzca Rasy ( Best of Breed) National Dog Show Wawrzkowizna 20.09.20 junior class judge Marco Marabotto ( IT ) - Zwycięzca Młodzieży ( Youth Winner) - Najlepszy Junior ( Best Junior) - Zwycięzca Rasy ( Best of Breed)

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We currently have puppies. Born at 23.02.2024.
All puppies are reserved
We are planning another litter this summer.

Puppies born in our kennel are carefully looked after by a veterinary technician, dog hairdresser, animal physiotherapist and my passionate breed. From birth, they are socialized with the world around them, dogs and children. I want them to reach people who will provide them with appropriate conditions, care and love, so I am asking for understanding for my inquisitive questions. I am also asking for thoughtful booking of puppies. The money paid for the reservation will not be refunded in the event of your resignation without just cause on my part. Rabbit wirehaired dachshund puppies born on February 23, 2024.
from association:
JCHPL, CHPL TIGA z Czahary (FCI) & HEL Sfora Nemroda (FCI):
(1 bitches & 2 male dogs ).

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Litter C 09.04.2023

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Kometa znad Potoku FCI

Litter Y 14.07.2022

Tiga z Czahary FCI


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